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5L Snow Foam + Snow Foam Lance Gun

5L Snow Foam + Snow Foam Lance Gun

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5 Liters Snow Foam Soft99 + Snow Foam Lance 

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  • Snow Foam Lance With Karcher K Series Connection
  • Snow Foam Lance With New Nilfisk Connection
  • Snow Foam Lance With 1/4″ Quick Release Connection

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Powerful, pH-neutral, and compound-free, this high-powered shampoo lathers into a thick, creamy foam that just melts the dirt away.

Soft99 ph Neutral Snow Foam & Sampoo - with a technologically advanced formula makes the car washing process easy and pleasant. Cleaning residues such as dirt and dust will no longer be a threat - they will run off the nail polish easily! The neutral pH makes the product also suitable for washing a car covered with wax or a professional coating.


from 20: 1 to 50:1 for cars protected by coatings

Pneumatic foaming foam guns: from 15: 1 to 25: 1

High-pressure foam guns: from 5: 1 to 10: 1  

1. Rinse your car with water to remove dirt or dust to prevent the paint from being scratched.

2. Prepare a water solution with Classic & Clear shampoo according to the given dilutions, depending on the type of washing and how dirty the car is.

3. Apply the prepared solution to the car using a sponge or foam Ordering Quantity Net Worth

4. Wash the car with the resulting foam using a wool sponge/glove.

5. Rinse the car again and dry the surface using Microfiber towel


Available Snow Foam Lance with adapters, Karcher KSeriers, New Nilfisk, 1/4 Quick Release Connection


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5L Snow Foam + Snow Foam Lance Gun

5L Snow Foam + Snow Foam Lance Gun

5 Liters Snow Foam Soft99 + Snow Foam Lance 

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