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Mirror Shine Wax

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SOFT99 - Made In Japan

This Wax Guarantee High Gloss Effect!!! Very Easy To Apply That Wahy Mirror Shine Is Very Popular In Our Store 

By just applying it with the included micro-fibre cloth, Mirror Shine WAX creates a mirror-like clear gloss and shine. 

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When the summertime rolls around each year, it's really nice to be able to stop worrying about durability and protection levels, and instead, pick the last step product that is pleasurable to use and biased solely towards delivering a knock-out finish. In this respect, SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax is a fantastic choice. It goes on and off effortlessly (regardless of which application method you choose; see the How To Use section below for details), and produces a stunning looking finish characterised by laser-sharp reflectivity and a level of wetness you could almost drown in. Of course, there is no reason why you can't use SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax at other times of the year; for greater durability, it can always be layered on top of either SOFT99 Fusso Coat Wax or SOFT99 Fusso Coat F7. Like most other Japanese last step products, SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax it comes in both dark and light flavours (for darker- and lighter-coloured cars respectively), but the difference is very subtle. In summary, SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax is a pleasure to use and a superb summer wax. SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax is a hybrid wax formulated specifically to deliver a sharp wet-looking shine with very little effort. It achieves this using a hybrid blend of synthetic fluorine-based resins and both petroleum-based and naturally derived waxes (e.g. paraffin and carnauba). Unlike the other last step products in the same range, SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax doesn't need to be wiped on and then left to dry before being buffed off. Instead, it is designed to be wiped on and buffed off in a single fluid action, using a microfibre towel. This makes it extremely quick and easy to use. Despite this, it delivers an incredibly wet-looking shine with razor-sharp reflectivity and typically lasts for up to three months per application. As is commonly the case with Japanese last step products, two different versions of SOFT99 Mirror Shine Wax are available (dark and light, for darker- and lighter-coloured cars respectively).

Directions: * Make sure car is compatible with this product. * Wash off sand, dust, and dirt and wipe any remaining water drops. 1. Take the wax and the included cloth to apply it evenly to car surface. 2. All you need to do is polish firmly on the surface because there is no need to wipe off. * Make sure to finish the entire process. If left unfinished, it may cause spots or unevenness.

  • Light Colors White Can - 200g For Example   WHITE, SILVER, LIGHT GREY, YELLOW, ORANGE 
  • Dark Colors Black Can - 200g For Example BLACK, DARK GREY, RED, DARK BLUE, DARK GREEN
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  • Mirror Shine Wax

    Gloss 4/5

    Durability 3.5/5

    Hydrophobic 4.5/5

    Ease of use 5/5 Layerable?

    YES Type: Solid Real life durability: 2.5 months most commonly seen, Longest scenario 4 months+

    Suitable for Enthusiast that washes their car regularly (2 weeks to a month interval) and those who hate conventional wax, as well as for beginners!

    The name says it all! Mirror Shine! Perhaps this is one of the most unloved Soft99 waxes we ever have. Due to the vast variety of Soft99 wax offer, the Mirror Shine was left unmentioned always. The selling point of this product is how easy to use! As far as concern waxing your car would never be easier than using Mirror Shine.

    When time is constraining this is also the best product to go to as you don’t need curing time to buff off! Simple 2 fold your cloth to start applying wax to one side and flip to another side to buff off! Alternatively, you could choose to a buff of the wax till it disappeared on one side! The finishing of this product will be in the middle of King of gloss and kiwami, it does have the darkening effect of KOG but not as significant!



Looks great on black!

I love this wax. Having a black car sucks and I've been trying to find the right wax. This is a good one.

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Mirror Shine Wax

Mirror Shine Wax

This Wax Guarantee High Gloss Effect!!! Very Easy To Apply That Wahy Mirror Shine Is Very Popular In Our Store 

By just applying it with the included micro-fibre cloth, Mirror Shine WAX creates a mirror-like clear gloss and shine. 

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