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  • All Purpose Cleaner

    All-Purpose Cleaner  Is The Most Effective APC In New Zealand.

  • Shampoos

    Our Shampoos Are High Concentrated Products.

    Definitely More Effective Than Other On The Marken In New Zeland!!!

  • Snow Foams

    Our Snow Foam Is The Most Powerful Snow Foam On The Market,

    Perfect For Your Car, Motorbike, Boat etc. 

  • Wheel & Tyre

    Do you need to clean your car of metallic dirt? We have the perfect offer for you! Products for special tasks! Wheel cleaners. They are designed to effectively remove any metallic impurities. Products in this category will easily cope with rust and metal particles embedded in the car part and remove dust from the brake pads. The wheel cleaners, when working with dirt, is dyed purple which gives us the "bleeding" effect. All products are safe for the car body. Get a product that can easily handle metallic dirt! Discover the offer of wheels cleaner preparations and other products for tyres, rims etc.

  • Tar & Glue & Birds...

    Unique Products For Tar, Glue And Birds Dropping Removers.

    All Products Are Safe For All Cars Surfaces!!!

  • Quick Detailing Sprays...

    The Newest Technology Waterless Spray Detailers.

    High Durability And Hydrophobic!!!

  • Compounds

    Newest Compounds On The World Market!!! 

    Introduced to the market in April 2019 Now In New Zealand

  • Clay - Towel & Sponge...

    The Best In New Zealand Quick Clay Detailing Systems.


  • External Plastic Care

    External Plastic Car Care Products.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 47 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 47 items

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