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Glass Compound + Glass Nano Coa

Glass Compound + Glass Nano Coat

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SOFT99 - Made In Japan

Twin Pack Glass Compound + Glass Nano Coat

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  • Glass Coating
  • It achieves this by laying down reactive compounds and additives that cure to form a fully transparent micro-film that repels rain, sleet and snow upon contact. As a result, raindrops and road spray simply bead up and roll off of treated surfaces, or are blown off by airflow when driving speeds rise above 60 mph. Moreover, this beading tends to pick up and carry away fresh dirt and grime, meaning that the sealed glass is partially self-cleaning. SOFT99 Ultra Glaco therefore dramatically improves visibility and driving comfort in poor weather, and greatly reduces the need to use windscreen wipers (after application you should aim to use your windscreen wipers as little as possible, as wiper friction will gradually degrade the protective micro-film). In addition to these benefits, SOFT99 Glaco Roll On also makes it easier to wash off bug splatter during the summer months and helps to speed up the de-icing process when freezing conditions strike during the winter months.
  • Directions:
  • SOFT99 Glaco Roll-On should be applied in a warm, dry, well-ventilated space out of direct sunlight. To protect your skin, we recommend wearing PB Nitrile Gloves during the application process. To achieve the quoted durability and performance benefits, it is necessary to properly clean the surfaces to be treated in advance. To do this, use Auto Finesse Vision to initially cut away any stubbornly bonded surface contaminants, and then use SOFT99 Silicone Off to remove any lingering grease and grime (put simply, the cleaner the glass is before the sealant is applied, the longer it will last). To apply the sealant, shake the bottle vigorously first to ensure that the contents are fully mixed. Next, unscrew the storage cap, place the felt pad against the glass and lightly squeeze the bottle a few times to wet the pad with the product. Then work the product into the glass in a circular fashion, using firm pressure. The resulting film should then be left to dry for 5-10 minutes before being buffed off with a PB Utility Towel. If you find the residue difficult to remove, apply a little more product and buff it off immediately (this should remove the residue).
  • * Remove dust or dirt from the windshield with water in advance.
  • 1. Take the cap off and apply it on a dry windshield. Press the side of the bottle to let the fluid out and rub it firmly onto the windshield without splashing the fluid.
  • * Do not apply it on wet windshield otherwise it may cause damage to the surface.
  • 2. After drying for 5-10 minutes, wipe it off with a slightly damp towel which is wrung out.
  • Contents - 75ml
glass Compound Z is made up of tiny, hard and soft abrasive particles which easily break down oily dirt or dirt film from the glass. A special application sponge is included
Thanks Glass Compound Z you will prepare all glass for Glaco Roll On Coat.
  • 1. Remove dust and dirt from the glass with water, and wipe off any water drops remaining on the surface.
  • 2. Shake the bottle well.
  • 3. Put the liquid on the grey side of the sponge and polish until the surface doesn't repel the liquid anymore.
  • 4. Cleanly wash off the glass surface.
  • 100 ml


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Glass Compound + Glass Nano Coat

Glass Compound + Glass Nano Coat

Twin Pack Glass Compound + Glass Nano Coat

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