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Orbital Polisher S8 + FREE PADS

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KRAUSS - Germany

THREE Polishing Pads Waffle FREE!!!
Product information "Orbital Polisher SHINEMASTER S8"

Dual Action Polishers Help you Make Vehicles Clean and Shining.

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WHITE PAD - Heavily Cutting

YELLOW PAD - Medium Polishing

BLACK PAD - Finishing 

Why Buy This Product?

8mm throw for extreme polishing – results.

Due to the excenter / orbital drive, there is hardly 

any risk of damaging any painted surface.

Removes safe and fast; wash – marks, scratches, 

swirls and much more paint – imperfections.

880 Watt Power.


For professionals and enthusiasts

Dual Action Polishers Help You Make Car Detailing Safer and Easier Fast, Effective, Safe and Easy-to-Use!

Swirl-free, Professional Results with No Risk!

Easily Remove Swirl Marks and Scratches, and Improve Paint Gloss!

Ideal for Applying Polishes and Waxes, and Safe For All Paint Types!

Variable Speed Dial, On/Off Sliding Safety Switch!

Ergonomic Design and Comfortable Soft-Touch Head Cover!

Sealed 100% Ball-Bearing Construction Provides Longer Life!
Ergonomically shaped

The No Swirls! XTREME S08 DA Polisher is foolproof to handle, the design is 100% safe, fast, easy to use and ergonomically shaped. There is not any part of the design that can be a discussion about how to use it. The accelerator is designed in a “handle – position” which you can trigger with your index and middle finger. The automatic – drive can be switched on at the same time with your thumb. The speed – the setting is designed on the top position so you can use it with your thumb while triggering the accelerator with your fingers. The end – the part where you hold it with your hand is shaped like you’re the form of the palm of your hand and finished with a non – slip – a coating so you can hold it “like a glove”. The front – the end is designed with a surf – tail which is perfectly shaped for your second hand to hold comfortable and steer/ manoeuvre it exactly where you want this No Swirls! XTREME S08 DA Polisher to go over the surface and deliver the best paint – correction possible.

The No Swirls! XTREME S08 DA Polisher can additionally be supplied with a large and solid bag which makes you stock your accessories in as well, like your machine pads, backing - plates, polishes, microfiber - towels and many more.

Less Vibration
Almost all common DA – Polishers are cool and effective but when you use it for many hours a day you would be pretty tired afterwards due to the vibration both 500W and 880W are giving you. This No Swirls! XTREME S08 DA is designed with a contra – weight which solves the vibration and is really a major step forward. This makes you can use this No Swirls! XTREME S08 DA for a long time without being tired of the vibrations.

Speed - Zones
The No Swirls! XTREME S08 DA Polisher is supplied with 6-speed zones which makes it ideal for every job, from polishing on swirls and holograms to applying your favourite waxes and sealants. Every speed – the setting is being controlled by a slow – start – system. This lets you control the build-up of speed easily and makes that product – sling of compound/polish can technically not happen anymore.

Technical specifications



Input: 900 Watt
Rated Voltage: 220-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Tool Weight: 2,3 kg
Power Cord: 4 m
Orbit: 8 mm
Spindle Thread: 5/16"-24
Disc Size: 5" (125 mm)
Stepless Speed Selection: yes
CSE (Constant Speed Electronic): yes
Package Includes: Bow handle, Backing pad 5" and Operating manual



Quality for a price.

I’m really happy with this product .The machine is nicely built and comes with extra bushes plus Oakey added extra three very good buffing pads , It feels comfortable in use and the first time I tried it I was happy with the results when using the Krauss S8 solutions.
It’s a lot pricier than other models but I always believe in buying quality and getting what you pay for. This is definitely a quality product.

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Orbital Polisher  S8 + FREE PADS

Orbital Polisher S8 + FREE PADS

THREE Polishing Pads Waffle FREE!!!
Product information "Orbital Polisher SHINEMASTER S8"

Dual Action Polishers Help you Make Vehicles Clean and Shining.

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